Condition 2 – Third Row Seat Repair

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Seat back will not raise fully to upright position.

Cause 2
This condition may be caused by the rear latches not being fully secured.

Correction 2
Inspect to ensure rear seat latches are fully seated:

Condition #2 Third seat repair

1. With the seat back down, release and partially lift the rear of the seat using Only the tumble release lever Do Not pull the seat removal handle #3, as this would
partially disengage the front latches.

third seat repair

2. Using firm pressure on the seat back, press the rear of the seat down to fully secure the rear latches to the floor strikers.

3. Raise the seat back to the upright position.

4. If the seat back still cannot be raised to the upright position, the front latches may not be fully seating to the strikers or may be out of sync, causing the rear strikers to not seat properly. Refer to Condition 1 in this bulletin to investigate and correct front latch operation, then re-check the rear latch operation.

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