High Idle / MPG Fooler where to purchase

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Diesel Auto Power Parts

Where to purchase the Mopar1973Man.Com High Idle / MPG Fooler Mod?

Sorry gang, I do not directly sell any products. But if you visit Diesel Auto Power web site they will be the dealer that handles the high idle kits.

Diesel Auto Power:

(801) 927-4600

Cubby Hole Mount

Gauge Pod Mount

Custom Flat Face Mount

If you are having problems getting the High Idle enabled on your truck you may rent a Smarty from Diesel Auto Power.

Smarty Rental For High Idle Enabling

High Idle: Detecting if the ECM has been enabled for high idle

High Idle / MPG Fooler Cubby Hole Installation

High Idle / MPG Fooler Diagnostic  

High Idle / MPG Fooler Overhead Console Installation


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