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Moisture contamination in the PCV system

A sign of engine moisture contamination will show a cloudy or milky film in the PCV valve or hose. If you find water in the PCV valve system, and its hoses, suggests a need for replacement but is also an indication of other problems. Replacing the PCV valve will help get rid of some problems, but the main problem remains, and symptoms will soon return. If we only drive a vehicle on short trips, moisture content means we need more frequent oil changes and longer drive cycles. A moisture buildup with normal driving shows other engine problems, such as Head Gasket, or Cracks, or Intake Manifold Gasket problems Several areas of the engine can allow leakage and oil contamination. Engine Seals and Valve Cover gaskets are the most common areas to leak first. Coolant leaking into the oil is a very serious problem. Without immediate correction, engine damage is likely to occur.

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