Cubby Hole High Idle / MPG Fooler Installation

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 High Idle / MPG Fooler Cubby Hole Installation

As for installing you need to carefully pull your dash bezel from the dash and remove it. Then taking 3 screws out holding the cubby pocket in place and remove. Also remove the 4 screws holding the HVAC controls. This will give you room to routing the wires across the dash.

Dodge high Idle Kit - Fooler

Now mount the face to the cubby and using the supplied screws and nylon spacers.

High Idle Kit - Dodge Cummins

Continue to route the wires over to the bulk head.

Cubby Hole High Idle / MPG Fooler

Then this part is bit tricky and requires patience carefully route the plug through the rubber boot of the bulkhead connector. The bulkhead connector inside can be released from the mount and might give you a few more inches of work room for a single hand.

Engine Coolant Temp Sensor Set Up

Now route the connector to the proper placements. Black ECT to the front of the engine and the Grey IAT connectors to the rear of the engine. Now unplug both ECT and IAT and plug in the fooler cables.

Dodge truck - MPG fooler | ECT Instructions

Idle Air Temperature Sensor set up

 Then reassemble your dash

Dodge Cummins Dash Panel Remove and Install

The only thing I didn’t hook up yet was the LED power.



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