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How to test a MAF SENSOR or an IGNITION CONTROL MODULE, you’ll hear plenty of specific articles that will guide you step by step through the test. Whether it’s FORD or a HONDA or any of the GENERAL MOTORS makes, you’ll find them here and others.

I call them “Fast Tests”. Why?  Cause they’re comfortable, simple and fast ON CAR TESTS. No expensive equipment to use or buy. You’ll be using a Multimeter, or an oscilloscope (though a scope is NOT a must to use the info on this Site) or something as simple as an LED brightness.

What’s the purpose of this Site? To make your life easier by offering you tested information from someone who is actually practicing it. These articles are not tutorials on the basics of diagnostics. More useless info after which, at the end of the article, the author tells you to take it to a shop. These articles are real world examples of the real testing procedure to arrive at the specific conclusion: YES, the part is bad or NO, the part is not bad (for a specific make and model).

This is by no means a complete work, but you’ll discover scores of specific Articles organized by year, make, and model. I have resolved to undertake the tests that seem to give folks much trouble: Ignition Control Module (ICM) Tests, Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Tests, Ignition Coil Pack Tests, Coil-on-Plug (COP) Ignition Coil Tests, Alternator and Starter Tests and EGR Valve Tests. This Site will be another tool in your tool box and a source of information that you’ll keep coming back to. If you don’t find an article for your present need, take a look anyway. You may find something to inspire your next diagnostic move.

Ask A Technician on how to test your Mass Air Flow Sensor or Ignition Control Module 

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