New Breed of Automotive Technicians

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New Breed of Automotive Technicians

New Breed of Automotive Technicians

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The discussion about what the employer needs from the new breed of automotive technicians is a hot topic with everyone in the industry. From manufacturers to independent shop owners this is a major concern. It seems that every employer has a good idea about what they want from an entry level technician but have failed to recognize the needs of the new breed of a technician. After interviewing many people who are already in training in a career in the automotive industry and considering the automotive industry as a career this is what they had to offer.

They all agreed on the need for a stable work environment that offered a reliable income and the potential to grow. Continued education opportunities from the employer to keep their skills and knowledge up to date. Safe work environment, with respect and professionalism not just words but practiced.
They all agreed on the need for an affordable medical plan that covered not only them but their family. A two week paid vacation benefit with paid sick days and holidays. A retirement plan that works, and is portable to another dealership or independent shop. Paid holidays and a scheduled 40 hour work week.
Starting wages that allow them to afford to pay their bills, purchase tools and move out of mom and dad’s house. Not getting stuck in the lube bay until they quit! They all understand they have to start somewhere but have been told by others that you could be stuck in the lube bay for years. This is not a great career outlook. They also need to pay back the cost of their automotive training to qualify for the job.
If the industry wants to keep a steady supply of talented young people entering the automotive career path of a technician, they need to rethink the pay and benefits they are offering. Most technicians who have been in the industry are telling these young potential technicians to elect another career and that if they had a chance to start all over they would have done something else. This is not a good situation for the industry and definitely has an impact on the people considering the industry.
What is the message? They want a career that is rewarding both financially and personally! They want the same opportunities that other careers offer.


  New Breed of Automotive Technicians

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